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The Artwork

Inspired by the Power of Simplicity

 Framed 29” x 40” multi figure composition, August 2018

Framed 29” x 40” multi figure composition, August 2018

The women featured in Elissa Barber's line drawings are effortless, timeless beauties. She is inspired by minimal, archival, "quieter" moments and timeless design. A background in fashion buying, merchandising and illustration contribute to a love of drawing the female form. After having a child in 2018, Elissa began to crave pure, organic expression in her own art practice and went to her sketchbooks where she found the loose, continuous line style portraits, like those she created during her time in art school circa 2010, felt so right again. 


I feel like life is too complicated as it is - too heavy. The looser I can render the figures in my artwork the lighter it makes me feel. Drawing these forms takes the weight off of my shoulders.
— Elissa Barber


Art - On -Art

You may notice your artwork is double sided. Elissa often draws on both sides of her paper before deciding which piece she prefers and signing it.


Perfectly Imperfect

Minor imperfections such as small smudges or marks may be on your artwork but this only adds to their charm. Nothing is or should be flawless. 

Only One

There are no reproductions available for any works available on this site. Each piece is hand signed by artist Elissa Barber.